Hello everyone, and welcome to Mark of a Hero: Pagans and Purists! This is a brand new fantasy/RPG-style webcomic about a group of people brought together under unusual circumstances, and their transition into heroes during a long and arduous journey. We currently plan on updating on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and hopefully more frequently in the future. We have a story to tell, and we hope that you find it as interesting as we do. As of this writing, we have enough pages done to update for about seven months, so don’t worry about there being no content!


If you are interested, check out the About and Cast pages, or the Contact page to see who makes this stuff. Also feel free to discuss things in the comment section below.


Lastly, my name is Jason, and I’m one of the writers for this comic. I’ll be the one making most of the comments on these pages, along with interacting with people and dealing with lots of the website stuff.