In order of appearance:


Lawrence Kestrel

Age: 33

Moderately skilled water mage and amateur adventurer in his spare time. Versatile fighter, uses the environment to his advantage. Enjoys reading whatever he can get his hands on, puzzles, and extremely bad puns. Somewhat genre savvy. Only slightly insane.

Religion: None.





Age: 21

A young woman trying to get away from her past. Uses powerful lightning magic, but has a hard time controlling (and aiming) it. Is looking for answers while trying to stay true to her faith.

Religion: Purist.





Connor Greysight

Age: 14

A young boy who has lived his whole life in the forest up until his father’s recent death. Extremely skilled with a bow, even at his age. Fully capable of surviving in the wilderness.

Religion: Pagan.






Age: 32

Extremely tall man who hails from the Northern Wastelands. Takes a very “direct” and brutal approach when fighting. Skilled with a wide variety of weapons. Exiled from his home and currently on the run.

Religion: Pagan.





Shepherd Salo

Age: 36

Expert blacksmith currently working in Froj. Very skilled at his craft, and a good salesman as well. Traditionally trained swordsman. Hopes to return to his home city someday.

Religion: Purist.





Flint Algood

Age: 20

A cheerful but scarred street performer, currently working in Froj. Utilizes an acrobatic fighting style and specializes in kicking. Wears special greaves. Proud of his burns and fond of tattoos.

Religion: Pagan.






Age: 30

Owner, chef, and bartender of the Red Star Tavern in Froj. Surprisingly skilled with a spear, though he claims to have no formal training. Has odd culinary tastes, but is a good cook. Can’t remember his past.

Religion: None.





Zack Verhance

Age: 27

Currently employed as a hunter/gatherer for the Red Star Tavern in Froj. Grew up on the Isles of Plethora, but has been in Froj long enough to know his way around the shadier parts of the city. Skilled with swords and a bow.

Religion: Pagan.